End Financial Suffering

How Our Top Clients Make UP TO $1,000 With A Simple Email Introduction To Their Friend…

 …And Helped Us End Financial Suffering In The World.

From the Desk of Brice Royer
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Help us change the world 🌎 by bridging the gap between the ultra-rich and everyone else... & we’ll reward you with UP TO $500 gift or $1K credit towards our services!

If you know us, chances are we naturally think you’re awesome…and we know that awesome people like you usually have awesome friends who may have financial issues and big dreams. 

Friends who are dragging through their days with overwhelm and confusion about where and how to invest their money, and are living in anxiety of the next market crash, are frustrated by how much has failed them, and are living every day in survival mode and need our help.

So, we’ve created a REALLY easy method to refer your friends to start their financial journey. If you send someone our way and they join us, we’ll send you a $500 reward gift or give you a $1K credit towards our services. 

We’re really looking forward to helping your friends and family get back to having a plan and living their lives to the fullest and I’m DEFINITELY looking forward to sending YOU your $500 gift.

Thanks for sharing the gift of financial freedom and clarity with those you care about.

♥♥♥ Brice Royer and the rest of the team ♥♥♥

How Our Top Clients Refer Their Friends & Make Powerful Introductions: Give Your Friends the Gift of a Free Breakthrough Call.

Some clients are natural networkers and have had great success referring clients to us.

But some clients don’t know how to successfully refer their friends because 1) They don’t know how to describe what we do, or 2) are nervous about the price.

Great! If that’s you, then we don’t want you to tell your friends what we do or the price…you most likely didn’t know when you had your first call with us either!

We found that our top clients who have successfully referred the most friends do not prep, pre-qualify, or pre-sell their friends.

Instead, they give their friends the gift of the free breakthrough call.

All you need to do:

Just introduce us on Facebook or by email at camille@medallioninvests.com with these words:

“Hey Friend, This is Camille from Medallion Investments. Her team helped me get control over my finances. I learned a lot and I’m now loving my wealth-building system. I thought you two should talk.”

And then we take it from there, by inviting the person on the phone. We’ll send them our free masterclass and invite them to our Facebook group to enjoy our free resources. 

Your friend may NOT be a fit for what we do and that’s okay. We will refer them elsewhere. We aren’t here to pressure anyone into working with us; we’re here to serve people to freedom!

That’s what our top clients found works best for them and their friends.

Alternatively, you can also send them those free resources:

“Hey FRIEND, I’m part of this Facebook group at Medallion Investments and it’s filled with investors and helpful resources. I thought you might want to join. Here’s the link: https://medallioninvests.com/facebook ”

“Hey! I watched this amazing masterclass on building wealth that I thought you’d also enjoy: http://replay.medallioninvests.com/ ”

If they ask you for more details about your wealth system, it’s best to direct them to speak to the experts to learn more about how it all works.

What to do next:

  • Email your friend(s) using a version of that template above. 
  • Read the terms below.
  • Email us your referral information!*** (by submitting the form, you’re accepting the terms below!)
  •  We’ll keep you updated when they join us and complete our program, and send your gift your way accordingly.

Email us this information:

Referral Program Terms

When you provide a referral to MEDALLION INVESTMENTS LLC AND UNICORN RESEARCH (“MIL,” “we,” “us,” “our”), you are eligible to receive a thank you gift between $500 when you refer friends and family to our program or a $1,000 credit towards our services.

However, in order to participate in the Referral Program, you must accept and agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, as well as the following Referral Program Terms:


A “Referral” means a person you refer to MIL under our Referral Program.
“Notice of Referral” means your obligation to use the form above when referring a prospective client.
“Gift” refers to the $500 or $1000 PayPal gift you may receive for each Referral.
$1,000 “Credit” goes towards future payments for our services such as enrolling in the 10X Momentum Program;

Referral Program Terms and Conditions

You must use the form above to correctly identify your Referral.
The Referral must be from outside of our network. This means that the Referral must not be a member of any MIL’s Facebook group or listed as a contact in our Customer Relationship Management (“CRM”) platform when you provide the Notice of Referral.
You must know the Referral personally and in a meaningful way. This is not an affiliate program, and we do not authorize any such type of marketing or advertising on our behalf.
We reserve the right to discontinue this Referral Program at any time and without notice.
The Referral must complete our 8-weeks 10X Your Returns program.
The Referral must have paid for the applicable program in full at the time the Gift is paid.
We will attempt to issue payment of the Gift within 60 days of the Referral’s successful completion of the applicable program.
In the event more than one person refers a Referral, only the person who first provided the Notice of Referral may receive a Gift. MIL reserves the right to make an exception to this rule at our discretion should we see a fitting situation.
By referring a Referral to us, you represent and warrant that you are happy with all programs, services, and/or products you have received from us or know us to provide, and that all Referrals will be referred in good faith. You should wholeheartedly mean everything you say about our program to a Referral, and you represent and warrant that you will never make any false, misleading, or deceptive statement to any Referral about our program or anything related to your experience with us.
Termination of the Referral Program will not automatically result in the termination of your agreement to these Referral Program Terms, our Terms of Use, or your 10X membership Agreement, unless otherwise specified by us in writing (which may be provided by email). However, any provision of these terms (as well as our Terms of Use) which by its nature must survive termination in order to give effect to its meaning shall survive such termination.
By sending, or attempting to send, us a Notice of Referral you are acknowledging you have read and understand these Referral Program Terms, in addition to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, and that you agree to all such terms.