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10x RETURNS Program

Introducing: 10X RETURNS

Learn what the top 1% investors & business owners know that you don’t.

This simple “set it and forget it” strategy has helped hundreds of investors & business owners around the world retire earlier without unnecessary risk.


Most financial advisors and stock newsletters fail to get results that last.

In fact, over 92% of Canadian and U.S equity funds underperform the index. * Why pay someone at the bank to lose money for you? Here’s the reality: Nobody cares about your money more than you do. The sad fact is that most advisors don’t care. Surprisingly, 50% of financial advisors don’t even have a financial plan themselves! And those that do care, don’t have a strategy that truly works.

There are 3 important steps

to create life-changing transformation in your financial life.

Integrity In Your Finances

A proven game plan

Mentorship to implement

Medallion Investments Is Different

We actually care about our clients. We operate with integrity in our business, we have a cutting-edge strategy that works without risking your lifestyle, and we give each person one on one coaching support.

That’s why our clients average over 250% returns a year… without taking unnecessary risk in the stock market, putting their life savings in real estate or being glued watching charts and trading at the computer.

But the truth is we’re not for everyone. There are a few reasons why you should not be working with us.

3 Reasons Why You Should NOT Be Working With Us:

want to get rich quick

Don’t work with us if you want to “get rich quick”. We can make it easy, but success still takes hard work.


Don’t work with us unless you are ready to take full responsibility for your finances.


Don’t work with us unless you are 100% committed to your financial goals.

Who We Are For

It’s incredibly difficult to create rapid wealth without taking a huge risk in traditional ways such as stocks, real estate, and bonds. It takes a lot of money and time.

So if you are a middle-class investor and you want to retire early without having to put your life savings in real estate, gambling all your money in the stock market, or working until you’re 65 years old, we can help you.

But you must be: Coachable. Decisive. Resourceful.

You must be absolutely 100% serious and committed to achieving your goals while also wanting to make an impact in the world.

If that’s you, then check out our Masterclass to learn about our strategies and get on a call with us so we can help you plan to make it happen.

Talk soon,
Brice Royer & The Medallion Team


"Now I know what to buy and when to sell. It's easy and doesn't take much time. I am so grateful that I no longer have to worry about my retirement."

– Janet M. (Edmonton, AB)