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Meet The Team Behind The
10X Your Returns
® System

We have the skills to help you 10X Your Returns.

We teach our students how to double, triple, or even 10X their returns without unncessary risk… AND we give you the technical support, and mindset coaching, to take action on creating transformational results in your financial life.


Co-Founder & Creator

Founder and creator of the 10x Your Returns system -- the most reliable and simple wealth system in the world. This secret “set it and forget it” Wall Street strategy has helped hundreds of middle-class investors around the world retire earlier without putting their lifestyle at risk or being glued trading at the computer. His personal mission is to share this strategy to bridge the gap between the ultra-rich and the middle class.



At the young age of 19, Camille already wrote a bestselling book, traveled the world to build schools, and coached students to become financially free. Her intention is to inspire people around the world to be abundant so they can follow their passion and make a difference. She’s the “heart” at Medallion to ensure we authentically serve the right people who are ready to transform their lives today.

The Coaches

Coach Diego

Chief Financial Analyst & Trader

Diego is an investment advisor, financial planner and trader who analyzed over 500+ cryptocurrencies. With a degree in Business Administration combined with a specialty in Asset & Risk Management through Machine Learning from the EDHEC Business School in France, and a specialty in Investment Management from the prestigious University of Geneva in Switzerland (the world's banking center), he has a keen understanding of what it takes to create a winning portfolio and find the next Amazon or Bitcoin. 

Coach Alex

Chief Security Officer & Cryptocurrency Security Coach

As a CISCO engineer and with a heavy background in computer networking and business, Alex brings a fresh needed macro approach to mining and blockchain as a business. With a keen eye for profitable business and the computer industry at large, and a heavy focus on education and awareness to help usher in mass adoption of blockchain, Alex and his team continue to support individuals, community bases, and large businesses both one on one and with regular informative content. Alex is also widely known for his viral random acts of kindness so feel free to come say hello and talk shop.

Coach Spencer

Chief Engineer Officer & Cryptocurrency Security Coach

As a computer science major, Spencer specializes in mining and blockchain technologies. He has provided consulting for small home miners, as well as commercial mining operations. With a passion for technology and hardware, he’s currently heavily involved with FPGA mining and experimenting with new and innovative projects. One of his major focuses since entering the blockchain and mining industry is education, with a focus on security.

Coach Ania

Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist & Money Mindset Coach

Ania focuses on helping entrepreneurs and investors remove limiting beliefs around money. She helps people efficiently to let go of programs and patterns that keep them away from reaching their financial goals. Her main focus is to help people with the feelings of fear and uncertainty around finances so that they can feel at peace and experience uninterrupted concentration. Using Neuro-Linguistic Programming, she helps people reframe limiting beliefs that can linger all life long if they are not dealt with. By addressing the root cause with proven tools and methods, she helps entrepreneurs neutralize outdated programs and beliefs so that they can feel at ease around their finances and grow their portfolios more rapidly.