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greatly increased my wealth

“Brice is one of my favorite people, who has been like an angel in my life and one of those few people in life that we get the opportunity to meet. His personal recommendations for me are making me wealthy… so I love him even more! I’ve greatly increased my wealth in the last 18 months. I HIGHLY recommend Brice as a person, as a friend, and as an investing consultant – he’s one of the most influential people in my life!”
– Mike S. (Vancouver, BC)

$9,000 investment into $101,955

“We strongly recommend Brice Royer and Camille Martin of Medallion Investments LLC. Their investment knowledge and expertise have grown our portfolio positions as much as 259% this year in just 5 months (starting from April 2020) and turned our $9,000 investment into $101,955 on April 2021 (only 12 months)… that’s over a 1,000% per year gain — using a simple buy and hold strategy. While these facts are impressive, it’s their character that has been more influential for us. They always treated us with absolute respect and their integrity is second to none. You will find great success in any endeavors with them and we give them our full endorsement.”

– Michael & Katrina S. (Edmonton, AB)

Leichandra T

it’s more money than I’ve ever had

“I’ve checked my investments, and it’s more money than I’ve ever had. In the few short months that Medallion has been helping me, my initial investment has more than quadrupled! I’m optimistic about what’s to come and am thankful for their support and guidance on the best buying and selling times. Their team even helped me do my taxes! They are wonderful people who genuinely care and have immense financial knowledge and resources. “

– Leichandra T. (San Jose, CA)

I no longer have to worry about my retirement

“Now I know what to buy and when to sell. It’s easy and doesn’t take much time. I am so grateful that I no longer have to worry about my retirement.”
– Janet M. (Edmonton, AB)

They are professional, friendly and I trust them.

“I had wanted to invest in cryptocurrencies for a few years. What held me back was that I believed currencies to be volatile, difficult to purchase with high transaction fees. After a bit of interest, I would forget about them to pursue other investments.

As Covid-19 hit, I thought that it may be prudent to invest my money in an instrument not based on the Canadian and US economy. My choices were either gold or cryptocurrency.

At this time, a friend of mine who I trusted recommended Brice and Camile as coaches in this sector. I realized that without some help I would probably run into the same problem and end up in my previous situation.

So after a skeptical questioning period, (in which both Brice and Camile were very gracious and understanding) I took a chance with them. What really had me trust them was that I didn’t feel like I was being sold or hard pressured and it sounded like they really cared.

I’m really glad I did. There was so much that I didn’t know about and was unaware of. The number one thing that really got me was how much they emphasized security. That was definitely a blind spot for me as I assumed crypto exchanges were like stock exchanges.

Their coaching team had also worked with mental blocks in regards to money and abundance which really spoke to me. I like this holistic approach. They didn’t just tell me what to do, they also taught me along the way and I definitely feel more confident in this space now.

In a very short time, I was able to build my very own secure crypto portfolio which I am very happy with.

Luckily, my portfolio increased in value as soon as I invested; hitting a bull run at the end of 2020. However, I am investing for the long term so I am not as attached to the volatility in the market.

During this time, Brice and Camile have also had a number of other interesting business opportunities available. Some of these have ranged from more passive investments (venture funding) to more active opportunities (such as crypto mining).

I’m really happy I was introduced to Brice and Camile. They are professional, friendly and I trust them. Everyone I’ve met through them, from their coaching team to friends has all been amazing people. I would definitely recommend Medallion Investments.”


– David Jang (Edmonton, AB)