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What will inspire you about Medallion

Medallion Is Different. We’re on a mission to bridge the gap between the ultra-rich and everyone else. We help everyday people rapidly grow their wealth without unnecessary risk. Without our help, they will remain stuck working long hours at a job, they won’t have enough for retirement and continue to lose money or earn very little returns in the stock market.

But with our help, they leverage the power of investing early in emerging trends to rapidly build wealth while making a massive positive impact — and have a solid financial plan and sleep well at night whether the market goes up, down, or sideways.

We’re here to change the world together — one person at a time. We actually care about our clients. We operate with integrity in our business, we have a cutting-edge strategy that works and we give each person mindset coaching support. That’s why our coaching has led to some clients earning as much as over 1,000% returns a year … without taking unnecessary risk or being glued to the computer.


We are looking for heart-centered coaches who have successful experience in conducting strategy sessions to enroll clients into the right-fit program, over the phone. If you view the enrollment conversation as a powerful and compassionate conversation to help someone bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be, rather than a sales conversation and you have a proven history of sales/enrollment success, you may be who we are looking for!

You have experience with and/or can relate to middle-class investors and have no qualms asking them deep, emotional questions during your calls with them; holding your frame as the expert to help them get to a place of clarity and make a life-changing decision.

You will provide valuable and transformational coaching sessions to fill our programs with our ideal clients. This may be the perfect position for you if you are great at INSPIRING others to take immediate action to get the help they need. Part of being a great coach is being able to communicate and coach someone through their challenges and inspire them to take action despite their fears or roadblocks. Is this you? If you have any kind of personal growth, business coaching, or experience in investing in stocks and cryptocurrency, or are located in Canada or the US, that is an added plus.

Why you might be right for us.


To thrive in this role, you will need to become an expert in the challenges of investors and aspiring investors – knowing them better than they know themselves. If this doesn’t sound fun to you, please do not apply.

If you’re passionate about investing and wealth building, providing a world-class client experience, and thrive in a dynamic, entrepreneurial environment, then joining The Medallion team is the right step for you!

Step 01

Record a short video of yourself (minimum 1 minute, maximum 3 minutes long) answering the following questions below. Upload it to YouTube, mark it UNLISTED (not private). We also recommend using as a great resource for video messaging.

  • Why would you be the best choice for this position?
  • Give us a solid example of why you would be successful at the job
  • What sets you apart from other candidates?
Step 02

Click below to take the FREE Online DISC Personality Test, and download your PDF results.

Step 03

Update your resume in PDF format.

Step 04

Click below and fill out the TopGrading Career History Form, and download/save your PDF.

Step 05

For the final step, click below to answer our Enrollment Coach Intake Form. We'll ask you more in-depth questions to know more about you. In this form, we'll also ask you to submit the links and files to:

  • Your video link
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We look forward to your submissions to consider you for a spot in our Medallion family!

Please Note: Due to the volume of applicants, we may not acknowledge receipt of your application or reply quickly to your questions. If you are a candidate, we will contact you for an interview within 1 week of your email application receipt. The sooner you get the application in, the sooner you will be considered.

Selected candidates will move forward to interview and group role-play in the candidate selection process.


Is compensation salary, commission, or base + commission?

We have found our best candidates prefer commission only. Our enrollment coaches earn up to $1,000 per enrollment, plus bonuses.

Is there cold calling?

No. All leads are generated via paid advertising and go through a lengthy vetting process before they land on your calendar. We also have a large database of leads you can cultivate and the clients you enroll will become amazing referral partners for you if you commit to maintaining a relationship with them.

When can I start?

We are ready to hire immediately for the right individual.

How can I learn more about what you do?

Click below to get redirected to our Webinar and our Website:


Medallion Investments, LLC

Banks have spent billions brainwashing us into believing investing is difficult. Medallion Investments  was created to show you it’s truly easy, predictable and repeatable. It’s our mission.

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